Importance of CREDAI membership for Real Estate Developers Or Builders  



In the selling/buying of any property, there are two parties involved. This transaction should be beneficial for both of them. As a developer/builder, you need to know CREDAI for the benefit of your business.
Confederation Of Real Estate Developers’s Associations of India (CREDAI) was established in 1999 with a mandate to pursue the cause of housing and habit providers. It is an apex body which represents approximately 11,940 private real estate developers and is spread over 23 states and 177 cities in India. It is a non-profit company which is registered under section 25 of Companies Act, 1956.
CREDAI has become the preferred platform for housing and habitat related needs trough strong networking with real estate developers and builders. If a builder has to benefit from CREDAI, then the best course is to become a member of CREDAI. There are various benefits of becoming a member –

  1. The real estate industry has a collective voice and representation which means that there will not be any unlawful suppression.
  2. Policies related to taxation, interest rates, FDI, RERA, environment, labour legislation will be influenced with the help of CREDAI membership.
  3. Any real estate organization can enhance its business by focusing on skill development, solid waste management, labour welfare and education.
  4. The knowledge and responsibility of the organization is increased with the help of participation in debate and discussion for strategic action.

There is bonding and interaction among real estate industry to increase the profit of the organization.